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About Residence

Ameisenberg Residence is located in a beautiful ravine between the mountains Ameisenberg and Topfer in the Zittau Mountais in Kurort Oybin in Germany. The name of the residence comes form the name of the mountain at which it is located. Ameisenberg means Mountain of Ants.

The legend says that at the foot of the „Anthill” there lived a clan of giants that tyrannized and plundered the local inhabitants. In the valley there also lived a pious hermit. Once he warned the giants that if they don’t change their lifestyle, the heaven will cast a punishment on them. This only amused the giants and the enraged hermit prayed ardently…and on Whit Sunday the whole clan of giants was turned into giant ants which, since that time, live on the "Mountain of Ants". In our garden you will still find traces of the giants in the form of…an anthill, and close to Ameisenberg Residence there still stands the cottage of the hermit.

The history of the building housing Ameisenberg Residence dates back to 1768. After a meticulous renovation there are 5 comfortable apartments at your disposal. Each apartment is equipped with a private bathroom, comfortable hotel beds and any other amenities necessary to make your stay a pleasurable experience. Three apartments have spacious terraces with a wonderful view overlooking the garden and the historic narrow gauge railway. In the garden you may relax in our hot water tub – also called the Japanese bath.
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