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Japanese bath

In our garden you may enjoy the Japanese bath – also called the eco-spa or garden tub. A session in the bath is like basking in the sun. Eastern wisdom states that the use of such a bath causes a natural detoxification, improves blood circulation and metabolism, body regeneration. The results are renewed, beautiful and healthy skin, reduction of body weight, better sleep, relaxation and stress relief. Doctors confirm that the use of the bath does good to your health: metabolism and immunity improve.

Hot water smelling of wood, plant essences, stimulates the widening of blood vessels, improves blood circulation and oxygen distribution. The bath is also enjoyable for those who find the high sauna temperature and humidity of the Russian baths difficult to stand.

A real pleasure is the bath with a few extra features: aromatic bath oils, pleasant light and relaxing music.

Big tubs, water full to the brim, have been used since the oldest times in Japan, China, they are popular in the whole world, and especially in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.

This kind of relax is perfect for warm, summer evenings but it becomes even more exotic in winter. Steaming bath and bitter frost…warmed up you may run across the backyard on squeaky snow by the bitter frost and, when it becomes too cold, you may jump into the tub, full of steaming water and smelling of wood. You are relaxing in hot water drinking a glass of red wine, frosty forest murmuring quietly by the purple sunset or full moon.
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