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Kurort Oybin

Kurort Oybin is a picturesque health resort located in the heart of the German part of Lusatian Mountains by the crossing point of the borders of Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. It is also the most popular tourist resort in the Zittau Mountains. The first references to this resort date back to 1290. For many years the resort belonged to the noble family of Ronowcy.

The biggest attraction of the resort is the Oybin Mountain made of sandstone, with its dome overlooking the town. The romantic ruins of the Oybin Castle, standing on top of the sandstone plateau, are one of the greatest attractions of the Zittau Mountains. There you can also find a baroque church as well as the ruins of a medieval castle and a monastery. The castle was built at an important, in the old times, commercial route from Czech to Lusatia

In the Oybin Castle and Monastery you may find one of only 20 in Europe – Camera obscura – it is a small cottage on the very top of the hill, with a kind of a periscope fixed on the roof, which lets you see the region on a screen horizontally fitted with lines.

Oybin is also a popular place for tours, also because of the historic steam train which runs to Zittau. It is also a perfect starting point for hiking trips in the neighbouring hills, such as Topfer or Hochwald (749).
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