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Narrow-gauge railway

Just next to Ameisenberg Residence there is the track of the historic narrow gauge railway. This is a real find not only for the railway lovers…straight from the garden and the terrace of our residence you may admire the beautiful old drafts of train cars. The history of the royal railway in Saxony started over 125 years ago when the first lines of the narrow gauge railways appeared. Until now, there are still 5 lines of the railway, including the Zittau narrow gauge railway "Zittauer Schmalspurbahn". The trains run on the Zittau - Bertsdorf - Kurort Oybin and Kurort Jonsdorf route. For over 100 years it has been carrying tourists from Zittau to Kurort Oybin and Kurort Jonsdorf. Because of the bell located at the top of the engine, which even today announces the approaching of train, it received the common name of the "Bell Railway" (Bimmelbahn). The popularity of the connection was so great that there was another track built in 1913 to connect Zittau and Oybin. However, today there is only one track in operation.

The railway running along the Zittau hills was constructed in 1890. It survived both wars and the times of the German Democratic Republic, nevertheless there was a threat of shutting it down. Fortunately, this lovely monument of technology still belches out steam, whistles and pleases the eye of tourists.

In the summer the train runs 20 times a day covering the 12 km route within 45 minutes. The detailed schedule may be found at the SOEG website. Next to Ameisenberg Residence you may admire the trains going from Zittau every day, at 20 minutes before every hour and at every full hour in the opposite direction. In the summer period the first whistle can be heard at exactly 9:40 am, the last one at 6:00 pm.

The train cars are pulled by a steam powered engine or a historic motor engine. The steaming train full of tourists slowly climbs up, whistling and ringing.
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