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The three borders

Less than 10 km from Ameisenberg Residence there is a place where the three borders of Poland, Czech and Germany meet up in one point.

This point is located between the Czech town of Hradek, the German Zittau and the Polish Porajów. Since 1990 this area was expected to become the symbol of the fall of communism and the unification of Europe. A pedestrian bridge was supposed to be built to connect the three countries meeting up together in this point. In 2006 there was a competition announced for the students of architecture and construction from the three countries to prepare a respective project. The winning project anticipated a bridge in the shape of a circle overlapping the three-border point. The bridge should have been completed by 2009 but it is not there yet. As a result, if you want to access this point, you have to drive on the right side of the river Neisse starting already in Hradek. At the three-border point there are national flags of the three countries, a large obelisk, a wooden monument of a woman of three faces with a dove and a smaller obelisk with a plate stating in three languages: “Here Europe develops as a common venture. To commemorate 1st May 2004” which was unveiled by the leaders of the three countries at the moment of Polish and Czech accession to EU.
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